Double your coaching business with authenticity, integrity and service

Learn the secrets to building a six-figure coaching
practice that your coach training never taught you.
The biggest reason most coaches fail to create a sustainable coaching business is that they don’t approach and convert the clients that are in their sphere.
There are a couple of major reasons that most coaches fail to create a successful, fulfilling coaching business.
They have great conversations with potential clients but they don’t become clients
The prospect seems interested but ultimately doesn’t say Yes to becoming a client because of timing or money or both (or the actual secret reason that you will learn in this course)
They either never address the clients objections or they make it weird and turn the prospect off
Coaches are selling the time they spend, rather than the value their structure provides
Clients quit early or “ghost” the coach
This course is for coaches:
Who know they are good at their craft once a client says yes but are struggling to grow
Who refuse to compromise their integrity to land a client
Who want to be powerful and bold, without being inauthentic, pushy or manipulative
Who believe coaching is ultimately an act of service
Who believe in and understand the profession of coaching
Who want to grow their business to a $100,000 or more while still loving their work (even if they don’t think it’s possible right now)
Who are not closing 80% or more of qualified leads
This course is not for people who:
Are marketers disguised as “coaches”
Lie and manipulate
Are nay-sayers and possibility killers
Haven’t had any coach training

What you will get in this course:

A proven method for building and maintaining success in your coaching business
Come away with a personal introduction, powered by the secret language of storytelling that will help you build breakthrough trust with potential clients. Never feel like you’re bragging or underselling yourself again.
A repeatable, powerful sales process that moves a prospect from interested to a 100% yes and moves your sales from being lucky to highly effective
A new level of comfort with what you charge (likely at a much higher price) and how you position it to the client
Learn the 5 key elements of enrollment that separate struggling coaches from successful coaches
Learn to handle objections proactively, authentically and effortlessly without being pushy or weird
The keys to doubling your coaching business
A new sense of calm about your coaching business as you learn to create solid coaching relationships and trust that you can and will grow your business

Why me?

I’ve been a coach for over a decade, have trained hundreds of coaches and live the exact same struggles that you have. I’ve struggled to get my first client, then to get more than 3, then to get more than 3 consistently, then 5, then 10.

7 years into being a coach, I was having my first child, living in San Francisco with outrageous rents and feeling all the pressure to grow my coaching business to the next level as I had been. Stuck at 80,000 per year for two years.

By applying the same principles I teach in this course, I doubled my business in one year and have generated 200k plus as a coach for the last two years.

I’ve trained hundreds of coaches, served as President of ICF St Louis chapter. I’ve worked with teams, trained coaches, created 4 coaching websites, had a business partner, lost a business partner, been fired, ghosted, terrified, frustrated, shocked and everything in between as a coach.

I turned a pro-bono coaching engagement into a million dollar plus investment return.

I have held the PCC certification for over five years.

I have 2 decades of successful selling experience.


“Before, there was much more performance in my attempt to be “powerful,” but not a ton of fit or impact.  When I was myself, I learned how powerful that was to people, and the clients I desired began to show up.  In three months my rates have increased by 30%, I have my first $10,000 contract and I’ve done all of this with minimal outreach.

– Malcolm White

When I first came to Rodney I was operating from a hustle mentality- I was charging $800/month for coaching clients and leaning heavily on my other business to hit my goals. This was exhausting but I was scared to stop. With Rodney’s coaching, I pulled way back on my other company, changed my entire coaching business model and increased my 1-1 rate to $1,500/month. Now I focus on quarterly goals vs monthly and money is far less dramatic. I still have challenging goals that I am successful in hitting without throwing myself into constant overwhelm.

– Tara Carbo


“I had the opportunity to be coached and mentored by Rodney and it was game-changing. He really helped me develop a deeper sense of really slowing down and getting present to the possibility and impact my service could have on the clients I work with. Because of him, I have been able to work with people at a more purposeful and meaningful level as well as generate the sales and revenue I need for my own goals and needs. My coaching rates have increased substantially with Rodney by more than 50%. Really can’t recommend enough!”

– Fayzan Rab


The biggest shift I have created in my sales process with Rodney is the way I trust myself and my access to divinity to guide me every single step of the way. I am making the most soul-aligned money of my life.  In my work with Rodney, I have been able to step back to get clear on how my gifts and magic want to come through me into the world. This is the most meaningful money I have ever made. I really look at the value of my programs on a soul level now – and have gotten rid of any  ideas I had about what I “should” charge for a group program.  It just feels great.

– Cailin McDuff


The biggest difference is TRUST, trust in myself and allowing people to trust me. It has been a journey of deepening what I want, aligning with it, and then sharing my truth with others that helped me to increase my coaching rates $500 per month for individual clients and create a membership based group coaching program.

– Jennifer Lovely


My practice has increased drastically, doubling within 7 months with a solid pipeline of 3-4 people in my “Warm” list. I’ve experienced a shift in both my sales process and relationship to sales. Now, I feel more authentic, genuine and in-relationship throughout my interactions with potential clients.

– Sebastian Little

10 live training sessions where we cover:
Weekly Ask Rodney Anything sessions (Required to bring a question to participate)
Business Accountability Partner with Weekly Check Ins (Structured conversation with a fellow participant weekly to stay focused)
Facebook group for accountability, feedback and inspiration
Recorded demonstrations from Rodney for reference
Moneyback guarantee if you do not generate at least one client worth the value of the program
Must attend 100% of live trainings and buddy calls
Must employ the teaching and training earnestly

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