Tech Founder and Industry Disruptor Todd Heine saw a vision to transform his industry.

Hired Rodney Mueller as LegalPad’s advisor.

Changed Course.

When the Perfect Aim Method
meets Legalpad, here’s what happens…

LegalPad had its best year to date culminating in a $10 million dollar  fundraise and scaling the company for continued growth.

Identified and recruited the right talent for the right role to position LegalPad for rapid growth

Applying the Perfect Aim Method™ created a hyper-focus on the key business metrics organization wide resulting in breakthrough revenue results

Recognized as the ‘Visa Whisperer’ of Silicon Valley by Forbes Magazine.

“Rodney’s coaching played a critical role at a critical time in my development as a leader. Rodney’s deep caring and clear insights creates an invaluable environment of support, encouragement, and growth. Leadership is both a talent and a skill, and Rodney’s coaching meets you where you are and allows you to get to where you want to be faster and more easily. Rodney’s coaching creates clarity on who you are as a leader in all dimensions of your life and will help you grow as an executive and a human.”

Todd Heine