Tech Founder Mo Bhende (along with co-founder Jeffrey Spector ) saw a vision for reinventing the interviewing process so companies could more easily acquire top technology and engineering professionals in a more fair, predictive and enjoyable way.

Hired Rodney Mueller as Karat’s advisor.

Changed Course.

When the Perfect Aim Method
meets Karat, here’s what happens…

Karat creates exponential vision.

Within 12 months – 1 million run rate.

Raised seed round of $2.3 million on the way to a total venture capital investments of $169.1 million to date and growing exponentially.

Becomes the leader in Interview Engineering and now valued at $1.1 billion.

Mo has grown a family and is in the best shape of his life.

“The results have been phenomenal. Within the first year, we crossed seven figures of revenue, raised capital from top Silicon Valley funds and we are fulfilling on our mission to transform how the world’s leading companies hire.

Not only am I producing great results in my company, but I’m doing it without compromising my commitment to health, to being a loving husband and a great father. In fact, Rodney’s biggest supporter is probably my wife! I now have two kids and I know I can be there for them, as well as be the successful CEO I aspired to when I first started my work with Rodney.”

Mo Bhende