Baseball and Business Vignettes

by | Oct 18, 2016 | Aim, Blog, Fulfillment

Watching baseball in October is a ritual amongst me, my brothers and good friends. Typically it’s watching my St Louis Cardinals in October. This year, they aren’t in, so I’m left rooting very passionately against the Cubs and writing about baseball.
While baseball is on the mind, it reminds me of some of the great metaphors and analogies that we can use from baseball to apply to business. Stay posted for some more Baseball vignettes throughout October.

The Professional Hitter’s Approach

What makes a professional hitter is their ability to maintain a consistent, habitual approach to hitting. The best hitters are excellent at bringing the same disciplined approach day in, and day out, regardless of the slump they might be in, regardless of how they feel, the sleep they got, the weather, or the umpire.

The amateur hitter reacts too soon and too wildly, pitch to pitch, at-bat to at-bat, game to game, week to week.

The very best of the best in the big leagues, keep the same approach, but also learn to make minor adjustments. They aren’t rigid, but they also don’t sway wildly. They respond to their environment in a measured way, anchored in their approach in order to continue the success they are committed to.

Business leaders should approach their craft in the same fashion, with a steady, disciplined approach, not swaying too wildly in reaction to their fears, negative news or short term challenges.