Double your results
in half the time.
your power
is in the aim.

Goal setting
is dead.
your power
is in the aim.

Precision and speed in the direction of your vision.

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I am an innovator, advisor, and mentor to ambitious leaders of startups and tech companies that are setting the pace in their market. After a few decades of developing leaders and helping them create massive movement, I distilled what I learned from their rapid success into methods that tune into an internal, unknown human technology.

I am the inventor of the Perfect Aim Method™ – a unique process that eliminates the antiquated goal-setting and achieving systems, and instead, zeroes in on the exact outcome you’re looking to create and moves with incredible precision and speed in the direction of your vision.

After a guest appearance on Oprah to discuss my work with helping people who have grown up without a father, I launched the Absent Father Podcast, as a point of relating to millions of people who experienced life without a dad.

I spend my days advising start-ups, developing leaders, and getting my hands dirty in our family farm with my sidekick and daughter Gabby.

Hi. I’m Rodney.
And I coach
Perfect Aim.

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